Brass Keychain Belt Attachment Tool Snap Clip Accessory




Introducing, the MEDIFAK, EDC belt snap hook!

■ Hold your key chain or accessories with our belt snap hook.
■ Corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable, it’s made with brass!
■ Brass develops an attractive patina over time.
■ Looks great, classic design!

Have you ever reached into your pocket just to pull out a mess of keys? Let’s fix that problem! Our brass belt mounted snap hook is the perfect solution to keep your keys where you need them, every time.

Build your own key chain, checkout more MEDIFAK brass products!

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Split ring key chain. –
Key organizer. –
Split ring. –
Pocket or belt hook. –
Minimalist whistle. –

Why brass?
Brass is a metal made from copper and zinc, and can be varied in composition to create a range of brass types. Oftentimes brass is the perfect solution for many applications as it is low friction, rust proof, corrosion resistant, non-sparking, naturally anti-bacterial, and durable. We believe that brass when used as an accessory gives the user good luck, in addition, a touch of sophistication, classic style and timeless appeal.


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